The inspiring book about the 1958 voyage, written by skipper Albert Bigelow, The Voyage of the Golden Rule: An Experiment with Truth is now available to be downloaded or to be purchased in print.


From Jessica Reynolds Renshaw

Dear Friends of Phoenix of Hiroshima, Golden Rule, Hiroshima, wooden boats, history, peace, and/or a nuclear-free world,


My father’s book The Forbidden Voyage, (David McKay Co., Inc., 1961), the account of our family’s protest voyage by our yacht Phoenix of Hiroshima into the American nuclear test zone in the Pacific in 1958, inspired by the attempted protest by the Golden Rule, is out of print. (Knock-offs are offered by ranging from $5.49 to $110.)

But thanks to my long-suffering, computer-savvy husband Jerry, THE ENTIRE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE online, free, at (To enlarge the text, left-click on it.)

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My book, To Russia with Love (Jessica Reynolds), about sailing the Phoenix to the Soviet Union to protest their nuclear testing in 1961, can be ordered from Peace Resource Center, Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH (


My first book, Jessica’s Journal, about sailing on the Phoenix (before we got “political”) is posted at Just for your entertainment.



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From the August, 1958 issue of THE SKIPPER MAGAZINE


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