Wanted: VFP members and others who share the nuclear-free world and non-violence vision

Crew will always be needed. We want as many people as possible to crew. It’s the experience of a lifetime.

Join us as crew for the 2017 voyage from Eureka in Northern California to San Diego and up the Sacramento River to the State Capital.

Fill out a crew application!

Please download and complete the file, then return it via email to vfpgoldenruleproject@gmail.com.

Crew Application Form 2017

or fill out the form below:

Crew Application 2017
VFP Golden Rule Project - Crew Application Form 2017
What sailing experience do you have? What types of vessel? Small sail experience? Open ocean? When? Where?
2017 season will be Humboldt Bay in northern California (leaving about June 10) to San Diego (arriving about August 21) and up the Sacramento River. When could you sail with Golden Rule? Do you have a job, business or school that limits your availability, especially on short notice?
What experience or abilities can you contribute to the Golden Rule other than sailing experience? EMT or medical abilities or licenses, cook? , Are you certified in CPR and First Aid? Experienced public speaker or trainer? Past experiences with the Golden Rule?
How would others describe you?
Any physical disabilities that might require accommodation if possible? What is the state of your physical health? What medication do you take that could affect performance on the water?
Have you participated with others to attain nuclear disarmament, use non-nuclear power sources or reduce power consumption, or educate the public about radiation?
Have you taken actions against war and militarism / for peace / for non-violence? Have you participated in non-violent direct actions?
How much do you know about the history of the Golden Rule and the motivation for the original mission? Have you been involved with her restoration, maintenance, repairs, upgrades? Have you given presentations about the Golden Rule?
Please list at least one reference regarding your sailing experience and one regarding your political action experience. Name and phone# and/or email address
What other information is important for us to know about your interest in crewing on Golden Rule?
Volunteer requirements. A passport is required for positive identification when the Golden Rule sails in foreign waters (into Mexico this winter). Positive ID required for all crew. Next of kin information. A waiver of liability and indemnity is required to be signed by all crew. All costs for medical care or evacuation are paid by the individual rescued or treated. No drugs without prescriptions. No illegal drugs. No outstanding Wants or Warrants for arrest. There will be no alcohol aboard when underway. Permission to use your likeness / photographs of you in outreach materials. Must understand the principles of Non Violence in protest. Must represent the public face and principles of good behavior while representing the Golden Rule Project in public and onboard between one another other, and to those who don’t share our principles. ‘Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you’