There are several ways that you can help us complete our mission.



Keep the wind in the sails of the Golden Rule.  You can donate via PayPal using the Donate button on the right or below, or donate by check to:


VFP Golden Rule Project

P.O. Box  87

Samoa, CA 95564


Donate $100 or more and officially become a plank-owner.  All donations are tax deductible.
We need ocean-going sails, a 12V refrigerator, solar panels, water tanks, fuel tanks, ventilation cowls and other items for crossing the Pacific.
If a few of you can kick in $1000 each, we could do the necessary work and pay the equivalent of one staff person.


Spread The Word

If you can’t afford to donate, you can still help spread the word about the VFP Golden Rule Project’s mission.  Follow us on Facebook, watch for our project updates, Tweet about the project, and help spread the word to everyone you know who’s interested in maritime history and the mission for a nuclear-free world and a peaceful, sustainable future!


Volunteer Opportunities

The Golden Rule has had three successful seasons reaching tens of thousands of people at over fifty locations with her message of peace, nuclear disarmament and conversion to nuclear-free, carbon-free energy!
We need your help now more than ever before to ensure a successful voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Please call Helen Jaccard, 206-992-6364 or send an email to
We will need experienced crew! Please submit an application form at

Help us plan an educational or fundraising event or table at county fairs, street fairs, concerts and other public gatherings. Are there peace and anti-nuclear events scheduled in Hawaii that we can participate in?
Help contact media, local businesses, politicians, churches, schools, indigenous tribes, Asian-American societies, Rotary and other service clubs, veterans’ organizations and other groups that care about peace.
Are you part of an anti-nuclear or peace group? Do they know about the Golden Rule yet? Help us be connected with the broader national and international communities.
Write a petition, article or letter to the editor about nuclear disarmament, nuclear energy, or peace and share it with us so that others can use it as an example for their own letters.
Become a Golden Rule Ambassador! We need people to speak about the Golden Rule, Nuclear Disarmament, Nuclear Energy and Peace. Use our PowerPoint presentation as a starting point or share yours.
Other speakers:
If you would like to participate in a panel discussion or conference or hold a seminar or workshop, please let us know!
Photographers, Videographers and Film Makers:
Can you show up at events to help document and publicize our work?
Graphic designers:
We need well designed banners, posters, T-shirts, shopping bags, mugs, calendars and picture books.
Boat Construction:
We will sand, paint and varnish the boat. The running gear and rigging will be made ship-shape. The galley and head need some attention. We want to install solar panels.
Shore support and advice:
We need to know where to dock and help to greet the Golden Rule, plan events, feed the crew or help us get groceries onto the boat.
Advance Road Trip help:
It normally works best if a couple of the Golden Rule organizers come to where the Golden Rule will travel to help coordinate events, docks, local organizers and others. If you are well connected with a community in Hawaii, please let us know.
Web Site and Facebook Editor: These pages need to be fresh and well organized.
Songwriters, musicians, artists, poets: Change doesn’t happen and movements aren’t built without art, music and FUN!
Peace Action and Sailing Camps


New Program! “Peace Action Camps!” This is a chance for veterans, youth, women and others to join together to learn to sail, learn the principles of non-violent direct action, participate in an action planned during the camp, and learn about nuclear issues today. It will be a lot of fun and you might be chosen for future crew!


Our first camp, from June 21 – 28 in San Francisco Bay was a huge success and bodes very well for future efforts. We had six participants (12 counting crew and shore support). Four were VFP members, three of whom came from Tucson. They were accompanied by two young adults who are both involved with the Tucson-based Nonviolence Legacy Project.


We are hoping to plan future camps in San Diego.


Contact Jim Summers,, for more information or fill out an application and return it to