There are several ways that you can help us complete our mission.



Cash donations are the simplest way to help with the restoration effort.  You can donate via PayPal using the Donate button on the right, or donate by check to:


VFP Golden Rule Project

P.O. Box  87

Samoa, CA 95564


Donate $100 or more and officially become a plank-owner.  All donations are tax deductible.


Spread The Word

If you can’t afford to donate, you can still help spread the word about the VFP Golden Rule Project’s mission.  Follow us on Facebook, watch for our restoration project updates, Tweet about the project, and help spread the word to everyone you know who’s interested in maritime history and the mission to abolish war as an instrument of national policy.


Wish List

If you have any physical items on our wish list that you’d like to donate, we would gladly accept them!  All in-kind donations are also tax deductible.