From the Foreward of the book The Voyage of the Golden Rule, by Albert Bieglow:

Golden Rule was not one man, or four men in a boat, or five men in jail. There were many men and women. Thousands joined and shared in the adventure. I call them plank-owners. “Plank-owner” is a nautical term describing a member of the original crew of a vessel. The plank-owners of the Golden Rule are all those who supported the voyage. They were just as much a part of the adventure as those who sailed and those who were jailed…

Cos Cob, Connecticut, June 1959
Albert Bigelow

Over five decades later, the voyage continues.  As we work to restore the Golden Rule to her former glory and continue her mission to abolish war as an instrument of national policy, even more people are becoming part the adventure..


Everyone who supports the Golden Rule restoration project and its mission is a de facto “plank-owner,” and those who contribute $100 or more, in either cash or kind, receives an official Golden Rule Plank Owner Certificate, attesting to their generous degree of support.


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A heart-felt “thank you!” to all of our supporters from the Golden Rule crew.

Veterans For Peace, Chapter 22
The Golden Rule Project Committee
And everybody who has shared in the adventure thus far.