After a rough start due to bad weather, the Golden Rule has finally departed Humboldt Bay. She will attempt to sail straight to Bodega Bay, but may make a stop in Fort Bragg to wait out further storms. You can track her journey at

  • John Reidy
    Posted at 02:46h, 30 June

    Indeed, I was there. As crew, from Humboldt Bay to San Francisco. A lot more has transpired since we left the mouth of Humboldt Bay in our wake. As it turns out, we did stop in Fort Bragg, albeit only briefly, setting out early the next day for Bodega Bay. B-Bay was a blast. We went to a presentation at the marine laboratory associated with U.C. Davis, where we saw a presentation, as well as some of us participating in a panel discussion. Then we got a barbecue at the Sebastopol home of one of the panel, a college physics instructor. The following day we went to a Veterans for Peace meeting in Santa Rosa. After Bodega Bay, it was on to San Francisco. I personally had the invaluable privilege of being at the tiller from about Point Reyes and on through the Golden Gate. A VFP delegation from Tucson arrived at some point, and we gave them a sail on the Bay. A bunch of us checked into a hostel and presented a film about the Golden Rule and her historical mission. At some point I had to bid farewell to my shipmates and my new-found friends, and return to my hometown of Long Beach, my vacation time nearly used up.