Letter of support from Nevada Desert Experience

Thank you, Nevada Desert Experience and Wendy for this wonderful letter of support and your donation for the Golden Rule!

“Dear Friends,

Nevada Desert Experience wishes to express support and solidarity with the mission of the historic sailing vessel Golden Rule as she completes her 2017 voyage along the California Coast. Like the VFP Golden Rule Project, NDE is an organization committed to abolishing nuclear weapon and illuminating the true costs of war to people and the planet through education, dialog and non-violent direct action.

NDE has worked in coalition with Veterans For Peace to call for an end to nuclear weapons testing at the Nevada National Security Site, located on the sacred land of the Western Shoshone people, as well as the end of drone warfare at Creech Air Force Base. While our work calls us to journey across the sands of the Nevada desert, and yours to sail across the ocean, we both seek the message that peace is possible.

With 122 nations supporting the United Nations resolution to ban nuclear weapons this year, the timing is right for increasing our education and outreach efforts. Nevada Desert Experience celebrates your longstanding contributions to the worldwide peace movement and wishes you a successful voyage in 2017 and beyond”

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