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1. Declare “no first use” of nuclear weapons

We are often told that the United States keeps nuclear weapons to “deter others” who have them. But did you know that the current U.S. policy retains the option of a “pre-emptive nuclear strike”? Join PSR in asking President Obama to establish a “no first use” policy: that the United States will never be the first to use nuclear weapons in a conflict. This would be an excellent step forward to reduce nuclear tensions and dangers.

2. Cut the new nuclear cruise missile from the budget

Before he leaves office, President Obama should take at least one step to head off a new nuclear arms race by eliminating the “long range standoff missile” (LRSO) from future budgets. This program is just getting started, but is expected to balloon to a $20-$30 billion dollar cost in the next 10 years. Experts like former Defense Secretary William Perry have said this new missile is redundant, destabilizing in a crisis, and should be cancelled. Urge the President to do so.

Please, join PSR to help President Obama use his last months in office to realize his vision of a world without nuclear weapons.

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