Bainbridge Island:

Here it is on YouTube:

Also, here’s the interview Reed and Helen did, which was published July 21:


Helen Jaccard talks about the Golden Rule at Traditions Cafe in Olympia by Dennis Mills

Golden Rule Short Video 2016

January 27, 2015: Humboldt TV news interview on the Golden Rule

2014: Peter Huston & Mikal Jakubal video

2014: The Golden Rule: Peace Ship Indiegogo video

2014: GoldenRuleX

1983: Voyage of the Pacific Peacemaker

1973: From New Zealand TV, a documentary of New Zealand peace ship “Fri” protesting French nuclear tests in the Pacific

1958: Home movie footage of the boat and crew, shot by the Mathes family



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San Francisco Peace Action Camp


San Diego Fleet Week Protest



Thanks to Steve Scalmanini for taking these photos from Golden Rule when we sailed along Norman deVall’s boat in San Francisco Bay!

June 20, 2015: Golden Rule Triumphantly Slides into Humboldt Bay!

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In 1958, Albert Bigelow, James Peck, George Willoughby, William Huntington, and Orion Sherwood set sail in the Golden Rule in an attempt to stop atmospheric nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.

Below are the photos we have been able to gather of the Golden Rule and her original crew from the 1950s and 1960s. If you have additional historical photos of the Golden Rule we could add to the gallery, please let us know.

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Since the summer of 2010, the Golden Rule Project has been hard at work restoring the Golden Rule to her former glory. This gallery gives a brief overview of the progress so far.

To see more details on the ongoing progress, check out our restoration progress blog. Or you can donate to the cause to help us make even more progress!

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